The y-tone guitar cabinets feature two distinct loudspeaker elements. The used element is selected from a switch on the cabinet or the footswitch. For example, a musician can choose their favorite element for clean and dirty sound. This way, the sound of the amplifier can be greatly expanded both in the studio and live situations.

Y-tone guitar cabinets are hand-made with the customer´s desired speaker elements and each one is engraved.

Available in black and blond.

We provide our products to eu-area.


Y- Tone was born out of a need for a cabinet with speaker selection in studio environment.
In my experience, amplifiers that have two channels like Marshall plexi and another with a Fender- like sound, there are different speakers where these two channels get their glory. And eventually, this kind of solution significantly expands the sound of any amplifier.

Y- Tone is offered with customer´s favourite choice of speakers.
Y-Tone cabinets are hand- built with quality materials and components to meet Your needs and requirements.


Here you find a few samples from ”ready to send” cabinets.
Each sample is played and recorded in exactly the same way.
Distance and position between the cab and microphones are same in each sample.
This way you can hear the difference between the speakers correctly.

More ready- made Y-Tone guitar cabinets You can find at Kitarakuu and Kitarapaja.

Black Cab

Blond Cab

Limited 10 years Warranty

Y- Tone warranties all of our cabs against workmanship or defect for 10 years to the original owner. We do not cover cosmetic damage, or wear and tear.
This warranty is not transferable. Modifying or altering the cab in any way voids the warranty. Speakers warranty depends on manufacturer.

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